Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF - Craft Day

 It's so beautiful outside and it's FRIDAY... What a treat! So let's do some crafts. 

You'll need styrofoam eggs, glue, glitter, and letter stickers.

I was inspired by this, but I love me some glitter so we dazzled our eggs. Also we opted for styrofoam eggs because my neighbors' son is allergic to eggs. They worked surprisingly well. 

We also crafted these lovely little chicks. Aren't they adorable. 
Oh, the things you can do with foam. 

Have a safe and Happy weekend!

PS. Day 11 down 9 lbs! The vanilla shake and the nast Ionix Supreme has grown on me, believe it or not. However, the chocolate shake is still sickening. Still going strong. Now I just need to get my a** to the gym and work these bunz out.


Scott & Adie said...

What other secrets do you have up your sleeve that you are doing in your spare time with three babies??? I had no idea you were doing a new blog. I love it. And I love my little Jordy doing crafts. I bet she was in heaven!!

Swell Girl said...

Not many. I think you've seen them all. Jordy did have the most fun. Now we have about 100 little chicks stuck all over the walls of the house. Oh, and Jordyn poured the glitter on herself because wanted to be a "princess" I've had people tell me I have sparkles on my face all day!

lady said...

hello, your daughter has got a beautiful hairstyle, how did you make it?

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