Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're finally back

I feel like we've been gone for weeks and maybe it's because we have.
From Utah to Montana,
to Las Vegas to Pirates Cove,
then heading to the beach to Camp and a few more spots from now until school starts.
It's been crazy, but a super fun crazy.

Two videos to show you where Michael and I stayed while in Vegas with our totally awesome friends.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


we are traveling.
loving this warm summer evening.
I've been through some roller coaster emotions today.
Hope that you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.
If you want to join an amazing cause click on over Here and donate to This amazing family. If your a Facebook-er join Bows for Ruby. 100% of all proceeds are going to Ruby's family to help their medical expenses.
Hug your family tonight, let them know you love them. Life is so precious.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ok So I've been a little obsessed with trying to add more color in my house. I am loving these water color paintings and prints I have found on pinterst. My other new obsession!

picture found here

pic found here

Also love this crayon melting art idea. 

Now I just need to get some canvas's and start painting. I have a neighbor that's a painter, and another one that is an art major and used to be a art teacher. She offered to help me and to lend me her water colors. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors and creative people. What would I do with out the internet? I love seeing all of you creative people out there. So inspiring. I'll do a tutorial if it gets tricky. 

Found you

I've been so sad that I couldn't find this cute bathing suit at Anthro anymore. Until I did some searching and found it here. They have adorable bathing suits! Check them out. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Loving it-Beach Print

I am loving these beach prints by Serena & Lily. Although I would like to personalize it with my own family, I wouldn't mind pretending it was us at the beach. 
Too cute and I would LOVE in my house.

Find these prints here and here
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