Friday, April 15, 2011


 So I have loved this picture for quite some time. I think I had it in my files before I moved but forgot about it, and now I wished I had remembered it prior to doing our backsplash.

this is my kitchen

Don't get me wrong I love my backsplash( and my kitchen), however, sometimes I do wish I would have picked some color instead of going all white with the subway tiles. It was the safer choice and my thinking was that no matter what I decided to do with the kitchen the backsplash would always match. 

Disclaimer; Since this picture was taken I have painted the green fruit holder to white, and moved the glass jars to the butler pantry. Also don't look over to the right, I would love to change out the chairs one day and maybe even change the table to a light grey. 

In the mean time, this is my uhhh-maz-ing kitchen, I am so lucky to have it!
 As for mimicking my "inspiration"picture, I think the main thing that will make a big impact is getting the hanging lights. The rest will take time, and $$$.  So it's going to be a while. 

What do you think?


S & H said...

Totally. A home is suppose to evolve and not just "happen" overnight.

Thanks for the info on the bed.I really like it but need to make another run to room and board to rule out a few other beds. Who thought trying to put together my sons room would be so difficult :).

Do I spy a white couch in that picture? Its super gorgeous but how do you keep it clean with your three babes?

Swell Girl said...

I do have a white couch. I will post some pictures of it. It's my favorite. It's vinyl and really easy to clean. I was going to go with leather but I was told it would stain. So after barf, spaghetti, dirty feet, and a whole lot of use its still white.

nicole me oh my! said...

pendants, yes. but like I have said, I would just paint the chairs a fun blue or green to go with your home by the ocean and they would be amazing!!

xo sis.

Swell Girl said...

Lets do a blue. Come help me design lady.

Lillie said...

I know I'm a little late to this--- but I just found your blog -- how lovely--- and am digging back and back to try and figure out what these shakes are your drinking... ??

Also... I LOVE your kitchen. And the white subway tiles... you can always add color with your flowers etc... this is so so gorgeous. I'm wondering, what color do you have on your walls? And what color white did you paint your cabinets?

lillie_biesinger at

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