Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

 We had two egg hunts. One at Aunt Stacy's and the other at the St. Regis. It was a perfect day.

Usually we are in Palm Springs during Easter but since we didn't go this year we decided to try something new. A neighbor invited us to the St. Regis Hotel, (which is where my honey and I spent our 1st married night together) and said it was totally worth it. So we went. We enjoyed FREE; face painting, an egg hunt, balloon making, and a picture with the Easter bunny printed out in a frame. If we are ever in town again for Easter morning, we will be there. They also have a great brunch, which we didn't try since we were headed to see family. 

Our extended family hosted the evening with an Easter Egg hunt at our Uncle's house, which was so lovely. A perfect little house, with just the right space, surrounded by big tree's to wing from, which backed up to a vineyard! It was a magical hunt, that wasn't just picturesque, but enchanted for all the kids. He also had a box garden which reminded me of how much I would like to have one once we finish our yard. It was just beautiful.

After the hunt we went and enjoyed time with family and ate our hearts out. One the menu:

Asparagus with walnuts and feta cheese,
Green beans sautéed with soy sauce, garlic, sesame seed oil, and sugar. (one of our favorite week night sides)
Grandma Judy's Orange Rolls (simply to die for)
Honey Baked Ham
Raspberry butter
Cheesy mashed potatoes
with a nice refreshing glass of fresh made Lemonade

What a day. I have to say my diet lasted all day. It was great. I had 2 1/2 rolls which was more then I should have had but with the raspberry butter it was too good to say NO. I didn't have a single bite of chocolate all day, which was astonishing, but none the less not that hard.

Day 24- down 13 pounds. Feeling great. Still working out. Hoping to lose another 10-12 pounds in the next couple months. Hopefully at least 5 more before the diet is over. My shakes consist of 1 1/2 scoops of Isagenics IsaLean Vanilla Shake, ice, and 8 ounces of water. Sometimes I add vanilla extract and a half of a banana. Helps when your really hungry or need some change from the normal vanilla shake.

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