Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Morning

Photo via Honey and Jam recipe here

Sunday is known for doughnut day in this house. Unfortunately I wont be partaking in this mornings grub fest. However, it's a lot easier to have my shake when I am down 11 pounds. 

Photo via Honey and Jam recipe here

Day 12. EASY. Had a date with my honey and saw HANNA. I loved the music when she was kicking butt, but I wish it had a better ending. I'm not gunna lie, I plugged my ears and closed my eyes a few times. I'm such a whimp. Went to eat dinner at Bandera in Corona Del Mar, it's was nothing short of delicious. I've never had anything I didn't like there. I died over their cucumber + tomato salad.
Goat Cheese
Light Vinaigrette

Day 13. Under way. Shakes are growing on me, once again. I even had a vanilla shake with just a hint of vanilla extract (No Banana!!), and I finished the whole cup. Usually I have some left over. HELPFUL HINT: add lots of ICE. If the shakes aren't cold they are much harder to drink. The colder the better!!

Can't wait for dinner tonight @ my favorite spot... Gigi's house. 

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S & H said...

Oh how I miss Bandera's. My hubs and I loved eating there and then walking down to the the beach. There food was always so yummy! We also loved eating at The Cannery in Newport. Yum! Okay I better stop talking about food...I still have 8 more pounds to go since having my baby Girl. Good for you and your will power with this cleanse. There is no way I would be able to do it.

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