Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleanse yourself

Today I am cleansing. It's been going great although, I hit a tiny speed bump at lunch when making the kids sandwiches, but I conquered. I'm able to have a snack 3 times a day if I need which I think is an apple, 6 almonds, celery, or these nasty chocolate (can't really be chocolate) wafers. I've had an apple. It was euphoric. 

Whenever I am cleansing I read up on health sites. This is where I've been clicking today. 

Also I will be making this Strawberry Leather for my kids, it's healthy, looks simple, and delicious.. right up my alley. 

 Oh and if your wanting to maybe win a $10,000 giveaway from Lonny and West Elm.

Click HERE, hey why not.

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