Thursday, April 7, 2011


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I'm here, still alive. It's day 4 of my diet. I have to say it's been pretty easy so far. I can't say what day 5 or 15 might bring, but as of now I am feeling pretty good. 

Day ONE went by quickly, I had a photo shoot, babysitters, 3 kids, a husband gone on business, and doctors appointments to get me through the day. 

Day TWO, I just have to say I hate the shakes. More then anything. Wait I take that back. I hate the Ionix Supreme (a nasty green juice) I have to shoot down my throat once a day. It tastes like someone burped in my mouth. I have to brush my teeth immediately afterwards. The shake which I have to take 2x's a day is second runner up to making me cringe every time I even think of it. Let's not mention I have to have it for two meals a day. 

Day THREE, hubby still gone, and lots of things to keep me occupied. I've still been feeling fine though. No major cravings, or lack or energy. I do have admit I've tried to make my shakes a little more appetizing. I was told to add a banana, it didn't really help, a strawberry or two... nothing. Then last night when I was refusing to eat my dinner shake because I simply wasn't hungry, my Mom and I got creative and added a half a banana and vanilla extract. The best addition yet. Not great but helps.

Day FOUR, so I added vanilla extract this morning. What a weirdo right. It's helped though. I got through most of the shake. Down 4 lbs. Let the count down begin. 

If your in the mood for making some food, getting some good laughs, or just reading some good stories with amazing pictures visit this blog I absolutely love. Oh, and her photography is perfection. 

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