Friday, April 8, 2011

day 5

photo by me

This morning I had extra energy, and I'm feeling pretty good. I was even up for making breakfast for my kids other then something super easy like cereal or a bagel. Since lately I haven't wanted to make anything I would want to eat in fear of having mass cravings. I decided to mix it up for them and make poached eggs. They were a hit, and even though I wanted them I haven't been dying for a bite. However, for my mid-day snack I did have a hard boiled egg. I'm allowed one. Hooray! Still down 4 lbs.

photo via Flickr by tensaibuta

I'm looking forward to a weekend getaway in Malibu. 
Happy Friday Peeps!!

PS. Read this article this morning. I thought it was very interesting. 

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