Monday, April 18, 2011


Where we will be staying in Tuscany
Our trip to Italy is approaching and I have to admit I am getting very excited. 

Photos via Oh Happy Day by Erica Berman 
Lately I have been trying to read up on all things Italian. I first saw this post on one of my fav blogs. It sparked my interest since we are going to be visiting Cinque Terre. I seriously can not wait. Then I started reading this blog which I thought was very insightful and funny. Check out part 2 here. Which then lead me to another blog where I read up on safety and not getting pick pocketed, it was a great read, click here to check it out. 

So now you can see why I'm excited. 

photo via flickr Osvaldo_Zoom
Oh, and here's a lovely picture, sorry for the bun shot, but seriously I love how europeans make no effort to hide their affections. I'm hoping to get loved on like this by my honey while in Italy.

P.S. Cleanse tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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