Thursday, April 14, 2011


or "Nacks" as my kids call them. I don't know about you, but my daughter asks me breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes in between for ice cream. It drives me nuts. If I turn my back she is in the freezer. Not to mention if we're outside playing with the neighbors she runs in the house and gets ice cream for the whole neighborhood. I love that she likes to share, but I'm sure the parent's as well as I would love to see her come out with grapes or apples. Although, she is the neighborhood "NACK" lady. All the kids cheer when she comes out. It's quite a site sometimes.

Never the less I have decided to not buy ice cream any more, and by ice cream I'm also talking about the popsicles. Instead I have opted for frozen fruit. This week my precious has been loving the frozen mangos I got from Trader Joes. I think it's a great buy and she only has one or two, instead of a bowl or ice cream or a few popsicles. Yes, I have thought about putting locks on my appliances, but I rather teach my kids good habits then locking them out for good.

So try some mangos, not just in your morning shake, but maybe as a nice cold "nack".

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nicole me oh my! said...

Presley loves frozen pineapple from TJs, try it! She likes the mango too :)

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