Thursday, June 2, 2011

Olive & Cocoa

I dog eared a few pages of this mag. Well I always do, but I also tore it out and put it in my "want" folder. I am loving these bowls. They could really go anywhere in your home. Mine would probably go in my bathroom or next to my bedside table. Where will you put yours?

 Instead of posting everything thing I love, these are just a few items I would totally put in my house

Wouldn't you just LOVE to wear this around your neck, given to you by your honey?

and I will totally send this to my sweet toothed friend and I wouldn't mind getting one either. 

Happy Shopping. 


Holli said...

Oh I have to have those bowls!! Thanks for sharing this :)

Mary Mac said...


nicole me oh my! said...

Heidi is the nanny for the olive & cocoa creative director. I haven't seen their catalog yet, but this all looks amazing!

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