Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Secretly Wishing

I was here right now. The weather is crummy today and maybe, just a little bit, I am thinking of how wonderful my trip to Cinque Terra was.
pictures taken by me
It was my favorite place on our Italian getaway. I could have stayed for days.  It was so amazingly gorgeous. The turquoise waters were in itself enough to make me want to extend my trip. I have tons of pictures to post of this beautiful city.

but this picture was one I just had to add. A while back I did a post on Italy and how I couldn't wait for my honey and I to show off some PDA while relaxing in Italy. Well, these two did enough for the whole trip. I don't know them, but we couldn't help but watch and guess their story. Maybe two lovers, who just met for the first time or maybe his mistress. We will never know, but Italians sure are lovers.

Happy Hump DAY ;)


lady said...

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Tori said...

I just got back from Cinque Terre!!! It was our first time and we stayed in Monterosso! I agree - greatest place ever, best part of our European journey! Amazing.

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