Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eggs Benedict

I love this breakfast, it easy to make and so yummy. I don't make it too often, but I couldn't resist for my hubby's birthday breakfast. Add some avocado, bacon,  & maybe spread with cream cheese add a little tomato, and cheese and you've got a gourmet breakfast at home. Enjoy!

Recipe found here for the sauce (make sure to add cracked pepper), and here for the ingredients for the eggs benedict. Also you can just buy the store bought mix for Hollandaise Sauce and just add butter and milk. Both are great.


nicole me oh my! said...

My brother is so lucky to have found you Candi. I can't get over this beautiful breakfast and birthday morning display!

Happy Birthday to my handsome older brother who I admire and love! I feel so lucky by the people in my family, I am truly blessed to be part of your lives!

Love you all.

(And you better believe I will be making these soon. They look too good!)

Swell Girl said...

Thanks Nic, love you too. Yes, make this... you wont regret it.

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