Friday, July 8, 2011

4th Block Party

Our 4th was loaded with lots of fun in the sun. We started off with a Parade with all the kids in the neighborhood. They all decorated their bikes and road around our cul-de-sac. Afterwards I slaved away in the kitchen and made Aunt Nicci's pasta salad (delicious) and the berry tart I talked about in an earlier post. Thanks for the recipe Kris!
Then we headed over to our neighbors house for a bbq, which was so fun. Then I rushed home got the kids washed up and in their jammies and head out for the fireworks. My honey put on a little show for all the neighbors and handed loads of sparklers to the kids. They were in heaven.

After all the craziness we jumped into the truck and headed up the street to watch 3 fire work shows off in the distance. It was a perfect 4th. Hope you had fun too.

Now go enjoy this beautiful weather and get outside!


Dennis said...

Hi Candice, I found your gorgeous blog from Me oh My and I LOVE it!! I have been looking for the perfect pasta salad and was wondering if you wouldnt mind sharing the recipe?

Scott & Adie said...

Tyson looks like a teenager in that black and white shot! And that berry tart is gorgeous! Love you and yours.

Swell Girl said...

Hi Marta,

I will share the recipe for the pasta salad asap! It's a good one!


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