Tuesday, February 14, 2012

heart day

I made these cute little lollipop cards for Jordyn's class. I left out her name in case you want to download it for your own. 
You're welcome. 

They were really easy. Once I printed them out, I folded them in half and cut three slits.
Then pushed the lollipop through the slits. 
Make sure you use heavy weight card stock otherwise the paper will rip. 

Valentines Day isn't too crazy over here, but I do like to have little subtle hints of love around the house. 
I got two banners made this year since I wasn't feeling like Martha Stewart. 
The felt heart banner here
The felt Ball banner here

I brushed the dust off my wreath I made two years ago at craft night and decided to finally finish it. I added the flowers on the left and called it a day. 

This morning the kids woke up to tin cans filled with suckers, cotton candy, I love you straws, and little dancing and singing Valentines day stuffed animals. 
Tonight will be date night with my love. 
Can't wait. 
Wishing you all lots of love!

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Bec Crawford said...

Hi Candice - do you have an email address I would be able to contact you on?
Warm Regards,

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