Thursday, August 4, 2011

Loving it-Beach Print

I am loving these beach prints by Serena & Lily. Although I would like to personalize it with my own family, I wouldn't mind pretending it was us at the beach. 
Too cute and I would LOVE in my house.

Find these prints here and here


Mary said...

You always find the best stuff!

nicole me oh my! said...

I love those too!! Let's take some for each other's family for our homes :)

Lauren said...

This is kind of random but I ran into your blog a while back when you posted about your adorable white leather couch! I just wanted to know where you got it etc. bc I am in the market for a new coach and I LOVED yours!

Swell Girl said...

Hi Lauren,
I got my couch custom made through SoftCraft. Here is a their url
They will pretty much make any couch you ask for. I showed them a picture from Domino Magazine and they recreated it. Good Luck!

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