Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boy Room

Right now I am trying to get together the over all look of my sons room before I buy anything. At the moment we have the bed and that's about it. The bed is the one above from Restoration Hardware. 

I'm thinking about getting this duvet cover from West Elm. I am loving the bold stripes mixed with the smaller ticking. I think it will look great.

 However, I also dye over this bedding every time I see it. So I am having a hard time deciding on which one to choose.

My little man loves sports, so I think these displays would be a great addition to his wall. 

 Right now his entire room is painted a very light grey. I would like to change the color in there, but before that I would love to do something like this. I love the white wood panels with the high contrast paint color.

and to tie it all together I can't forget about my favorite poster. I got this for a baby shower gift before my son was born and I will always cherish it. I think Tyson loves it too because his name is on it. I framed it with an Ikea wood frame. It's huge and it makes a nice statement in the room. Check out the other prints from this lovely lady. I ADORE all her prints at made by girl.

So when I pull this room together I will post some more pictures. Right now we are in the beginning stages, but I think I'm starting to finalize the main accents. Now if I could only just focus on this room and nothing else.


S & H said...

How do you like the restoration hardware bed? I was thinking about getting that one for my two year old but was having a hard time pulling the trigger since I wasn't able to see it in person.



Swell Girl said...

I do love the restoration hardware bed. It was really easy to put together and it seems really sturdy. It does feel a little different then I thought it might, but maybe that's just me. From the online pictures it almost looked like if you ran your hand across it you would get a splinter. Like it's real wood, however that's not the case. It's really smooth. I would recommend it if you like it. You really can't go wrong with their furniture.

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